Project H4DC

Project explanation and Objectives

Handball 4 Dual Careers (H4DC) aims at setting-up a comprehensive support service for the development of handball players’ dual careers through a collaborative approach between sporting bodies (clubs and federations), educational organizations and private sector representatives.

Specific objectives for the H4DC project:
  • conceive a club-based DC Support Service (DCSS), encompassing awareness raising, training and individual guidance.
  • test, monitor and evaluate the methodology with 120 players through pilot actions.
  • draw conclusions from the pilot actions and draft a Policy Recommendation Report, transferable to any handball or other interested sport club (Transferability Plan).

By achieving theses objectives, H4DC directly contributes to the UE strategy on Dual Careers, which has been a priority for the EU in the field of sport since the 2007 White Paper on Sport where the European Commission emphasized the importance of taking into account the need to provide Dual Career training for sportsman and sportswomen.


Project’s image

The design, made by Isidre Barnils, represents three of the main pillars/actors of the project: A handball player, education and graduation.


Downloads: logotip | acronym