First exchange between H4DC handball clubs

Swedish handball club and H4DC partner IK Sävehof, hosted the first exchange between clubs participating at the project and welcomed BM.Granollers to spend five days in their facilities in order to share knowledge of dual career practices in both clubs.

10 talents from catalan club, between 17 and 21 years old, travelled to Partille, hometown of club IK Sävehof, to participate in several activities and work sessions that allow the visitants to meet and learn about their dual careers practices and share their impressions with young talents from Swedish club that share the same academic/sportive situation.  

The work sessions between clubs, that were conducted by Stephan Hakkers (AUAS) and Bojana Jelicic (EHF) also participant partners of H4DC project, started with the staff training of the IK Sävehof team that will participate in the pilot athlete support service in dual careers  at the club and were, coaches from BM Granollers could also share their vision of dual careers issue with their Swedish equivalents. Then, it was the young talents of both clubs time to talk and discuss about the importance of taking a dual career. The activity, that gathered more than 50 handball players, had as a main topic the exchange of impressions of talents from Granollers and Sävehof in order to search for common worries and together propose solutions and improvements that could be used for the next steps of the H4DC project. In small groups, were at least one Granollers talent was present, young players could also had the opportunity to exchange impressions about personal and professional aspirations beside handball. All theses activitres were taking place at IK Sävehof brand new facilities of Partille Arena, a multifunctional sports hall opened just one year ago.

IMG 20170911 WA0030

To keep exchanging knowledge between clubs, Ik Sävehof arranged a visit for Granollers visitants to their school academy were, young players from all over Sweden can come to Partille to study and at the same time practice and play for the club. Those talent have the opportunity to combine their studies and learn a future profession while they have all the possibilities to keep improving in their handball career. Last activities were presentations conducted by key role players in Sävehof daily activities. Swedish national players and current IK Sävehof players Johan Jackobsson and Hanna Folgeström, shared their dual career experience to Granollers talents and gave them some advises and recommendations about how they can manage their studies/work and pursuing a successfully handball career.

During the exchange week in Sweden not all was working, presentations and group discussions , there were also time for social activities that helped to build a stronger relation with the two clubs. IK Sävehof representative took Granollers talents to a guided visit to neighbor city, and second largest city in Sweden Göteborg, for a guided visit of the city and explore some of the icon sightseeing of the city. The last day, was a special day for hosts as their first women and men teams started their respective national leagues both at Partille Arena and Granollers visitors were invited to presence both matches.

IMG 20170914 WA0027

The H4DC exchange activities continues and, IK Sävehof will take the role of visitor when they will go to Toulouse to participate in a same experience that they hosted home and at the end of October, French club will visit Granollers to end this first round of exchange of knowledge between the handball clubs participating in the H4DC project.

You can check more pictures of the BMG visit here: Facebook