12th June 2019
"Handball 4 Dual Careers" Final Conference

"Handball 4 Dual Careers" Final Conference

Final conference of the "Handball 4 Dual Careers" project with the presentation of the final conclusions based on the experience gained and the presentation of the "Transferability Plan" with a collection of guides and suggestions for the introduction of a support model for the Dual Careers for any sports club in Europe.

Hotel Ciutat de Granollers
23th January 2019

"Players 2 Business" Activity - Granollers

First meeting where sports talents, educative centers and private sector companies representative gather together in a same room to discuss about the combination of sport with education and the inserction to the labour market.

Hotel Granollers, Carrer Francesc Maciá 300, Granollers
15th -16th December 2018

5th Steering Committee

Fifth "Steering Committee" meeting held in Paris for the celebration the Women's Europen Handball Championship, organized by project partner EHF. Planning last phases of the program implementation. H4DC was also a participant of the "Grassroots handball market /EHF CAN" where it could present their major findings and results of the first phase of the implementatio of the athlete support service in the three handball clubs. 

Paris, France
12th June 2018

4th Steering Committee

Fourth "Steering Committee" meeting at Club FENIX Toulouse facilities. Updates to implementation of the pilot programms of the athelte supoort services taking place at the three handball clubs. 

Toulouse, France
January 2018

Kick-Off Meetings

Presentation of the athlete supoort services that will be implemented at the three handball clubs as pilot programms. During a year and a helf, the clubs will test a structure and a methodology defined by AUAS and adapted to their particular needs. 

Granollers, Toulouse and Partille
20th December 2017

International Seminar on Dual Careers

Internacional seminari on Dual Carreees hosted by Amsterdam university of Applied Sciences (AUAS) where it marked the second phase start of "Handball 4 Dual Careers" with the implementation of the athlete supoort service pilot programm at the three handball clubs. 

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
19th December 2017

3rd Steering Committee

The third meeting of the  "Steering Committee" at the University of Applied Sciences. It marks the beginning of the second phase of the project by implementing the pilot programmes at the three handball clubs.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
10th - 15th September 2017

Exchange Mobility: BM.Granollers visiting IK Sävehof

First round of exchange experiences between handball clubs participanting at the project. 10 sports talents from BM.Granollers visit IK Sävehof facilities in Partille, Sweden. 

Partille, Sweden
13th June 2017

2nd Steering Committee

Second "Steering Committee" meeting with the participation of the six partners fo the project.

Partille Arena, Partille, Sweden
23th March 2017 - 19:15

Awareness session on Dual Career

First awareness session about Dual Careers in Granollers host by Club Balonmano Granollers and the collaboration of Club Natació Banyoles and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS).

Hotel Granollers, Carrer de Francesc Macià i Llussà 300, Granollers
10th January 2017

1st Steering Committee

First meeting of the project' "Steering Committee" with the participation of the six porject partners:

- Club Balonmano Granollers
- Club FENIX Toulouse
- IK Sävehof
- Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
- European Handbal Federations


Hotel Granollers, Granollers